Top 10 tips to start your business

Starting your own business is everyone’s dream, which can be daunting and challenging. Though everyone acquire, few will accept the challenge and move forward in dreaming BIG ! This article will provide you the top tips from entrepreneurs like you who have achieved it BIG.


Aim high and be persistent:

Be resilient and try to set goals for yourself and the business. In achieving the targets, what many people lack is persistence and determination upon failures. Failures are the guidance to the success, if you can interpret and understand what you did wrong and how to correct them in your next step. Many entrepreneurs believe in setting up realistic goals and dreams for the business. Having said that, most of the high achievers in today’s business world have never taken a “NO” for an answer, but kept on looking for better solutions or another option to be successful.

Create your own personal pitch – Make a niche for your business:

With more competition and advanced technology in helping businesses to grow, entering the market has become more difficult than ever before. On the other hand,
social media, internet based marketing and digital marketing have opened up different market sectors for small and medium businesses. However, to be successful in your business, it is essential to have an authentic idea, which grabs the consumers attention.
For instance, there are several cloth brands and retailers selling their items in social media platforms like, instagram. To be successful in this market, many brands follow different strategies and sectors, rather than focussing on whole. In recent years, there is a rise in new brands specialised in plus size clothing, kids clothing, and also different patterns of clothings rather than on traditional clothes retailing. Likewise, a business should have their own pitch with a unique value for the customer.

Most valuable asset of the business -Customers:

Let it be the beginning of the business or the blooming stage, customers are the most valuable asset a business could have. Opposed to the traditional business models, there are plenty of resources and platforms for a customer to review your services, which future consumers may rely on. Hence it is considered important to have a consistent customer experience to keep your business growing.In delivering a successful business, proper understanding of your customer base and what they require will be important as well as the best customer experience. Don’t hesitate to experiment as you go and reaching new markets.

Outsource the things you don’t do:

Running a business of your own consist of a huge pile of work, requiring different levels of skills. Rather than being apprehensive of dividing your workload, let a specialist fill the gap for your business. Allocate that time for doing what you are good at.

Keep your own business journal:

Be that about your business or inspiration to move forward in your journey, write those in a journal or may be on a notepad in your phone. Keep writing about new ideas and suggestions on growing your business, which might rise out of nowhere while coming back home or cooking your favourite dish. It will provide you the motivation, while keeping your bag full of new ideas to expand the business.

Educate yourself:

Before starting a new business, explore your options, legal requirements, accounting, taxation information and get feedback from your peers. There are different rules and regulations depending on your state, industry, business structure and customers. Just look at your friends, their expressions while you describing your business idea. Initially, this will give a quick insight on how public will react to your business idea in whole. Research on other business models and network to find out more about on ways to develop your business idea.

Earn while you build:

Most of the entrepreneurs, earn from their business after working on the business for a while. It is advisable to keep one of your other income sources flowing, while building your business. During the initial stage, invest all or most of your income from the business on the business again. Develop the business to a certain stage, that you have a healthy cash flow to invest in the business and earn for yourself as well.

Enlist all your costs:

Starting your own business is a learn-as-you-go process. In order to minimize risks associated with failure and unexpected breakdowns, it is crucial to list down all your costs including the personal expenditure, even if you are not depending on the business for your living.Then create a budget for your business with the available funds or funds from other sources, such as small business loans.

Start on a small scale and build up the business as you go:

Risk management is important in building a business. Entrepreneurs are named as risk-takers, as they take the initial step forward investing the available resources. To minimize the risk, it is advisable to start off with little, but essential amount of resources rather than walking blindfolded on the limb. Test your idea on a small budget, and keep on growing the business with available resources and the income you make.

Find a mentor, join groups with like minded people:

Learn everything you can get access about your business and industry. Be active on social media, linkedin and participate in professional meetups. There are many social gatherings, workshops, webinars and government sponsored information sessions for entrepreneurs. Network with many people as possible to broaden your knowledge skills and resources.Make reading a regular habit, be inspired by the success stories of like minded people. Reach out to professionals in big or small organizations for advices. Try to learn initial business skills such as IT, digital marketing and time management to excel in your business at the first stage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other businesses or consulting services available to get advices on reaching your DREAM.

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