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Financial Modelling

Financial planning for any business is a critical aspect of business structure and planning. Financial Modelling involves creating a spreadsheet to summarise a business’s earnings and expenses so that calculations can be made on the impact of a future decision on the business.  Financial modelling has multiple uses for a company, but is most commonly utilised by executives and analysts to calculate the impact of a future event such as stock performance. It involves using an in-built tool in Excel to forecast a business’ future financial performance.

At JD Business Consulting, we build customised financial models best suited for your business needs and requirements. We test and review existing models to ensure that accurate assumptions have been incorporated. 

Construction of Financial Model

Your financial model will:
– Handle all the complex financial engineering and analysis.

– Calculate returns for debt and equity.
– Give you flexibility to assess multiple financing and capital structure arrangements.

Review of Financial Model

Our experienced financial professionals who will moderate a financial model discussion amongst key members of your business and will address key issues, such as:
– Are financial documentation reflected properly?
– Have reasonable input assumptions been made?
– Do the financial statements make sense?

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