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A business valuation report is essential for every business, including businesses that are preparing for sale. This is beneficial for any business owner to understand their business, particularly for business owners with investment requirements, business expansion plans, or those reaching retirement. Whichever state of business you are in, whether you plan to buy or sell a business, or invest in a venture, or raise funds, it is essentials to obtain a professional business valuation. At JD Business Consulting, we provide you with professional business valuation services which will indicate how much your business is worth and why; with a focus on highlighting the key issues with the business including irregularities, error, financial statements exclusions as well as suggestions on ways to improve so that you can increase your business value.

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Performing a business valuation is not compulsory for every business that is going to be bought or sold, but performing a business valuation is obligatory by law in certain areas such of taxation treatments including family law, shareholder and other disputes.

Types of valuation services:

This service helps startup business owners to understand what business stake is necessary to sell in order to obtain the required startup funding. With this service, investors will get the help necessary in order to evaluate the worth of targeted businesses.

This service is essential for establishing a value or price for any business that is being bought of sold. It determines a fair value that is required for financial reporting or tax purposes. This service also provides insight into potential areas for improvement in a business, which will help to increase the business value.

This service is intended for prospective business buyers where it supplies business owners with a disclosure document which provides a comprehensive and attractive company background and overview.

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