Must Strategies for Startups to Sustain Business Growth

It’s challenging to own a startup. One thing is to have the monetary capacity and knowledge to get a business off the ground; another is to survive the fierce competition, the volatile economy, and the often changing and unpredictable marketplace. Steps must be taken, even small ones, and one at a time to meet the company’s demands.

There are some rules which matter more than others in order to really survive. Most of those who run and own large businesses that once failed in their own startups will tell you that there are certainly a few measures and tactics you need to hold on to reach your goal.

Here are nine non-negotiable principles/ strategies for startups that should be practiced by all startups in order to become success stories and also for business growth:

Leverage free or inexpensive marketing and advertising strategies or tools 

Because your company is just starting to make good money, it’s realistic for you to postpone risky decisions to get people to notice your services or products. Don’t ruin your chances of getting the Return on Investment (ROI) that you’ve set your eyes on, just because you’ve spent more than you ought to sponsor for that ad. As you embrace social media, you will know that it is possible to expose your brand to a wide section of your market without going beyond your budget.

Remain relevant

If your service or product is considered less of a necessity or has disappeared from today’s trends list, it’s going to be hard to get your business back on the radar. Wait no longer for tragedy to occur. Stay on top of what other people want and need, and be responsive to what others say about your service or product. Be sure that if you need to reinvent yourself. Go forward and develop. In addition to any existing services, provide something unique or develop a new service entirely. In any case, pay close attention to how relevant you should be.

As it comes to customer service, don’t compromise

To get your customers to trust you, it will take a lot of effort; however, make one mistake and you will lose them all before you can even explain. Regardless of your reinvention, expansion or growth, customer service of high quality must be permanent. Your people should be able to do their job. Be sure that they are highly trained to offer the help they need to your customers as they do business for you.

Embrace the proper technology

Today’s startups are actively pursuing innovations and technologies that help ease many of the operational activities. Learn how and when to take advantage of these innovations from automated financial management tools to phone systems.

Do not be frightened of taking risks

Try to always bring something fresh to the table. There will be enough startups taking the road of least resistance out there; therefore, you can discover an entirely new, exciting niche in your field by doing things somewhat differently.

Do not be frightened of failing

Most of the path to success is paved with failure. It is almost impossible to succeed without first having to fail. With your failed project, you can learn as much as you can with a good project, but the most important thing you can know from failure is how to get back on your feet and keep trying.

Pick right people

Serious job opportunities will come with extreme growth. Make sure you don’t take this lightly. An important strategy for business growth is not just recruiting those you urgently need for today, but neglecting to hire those you need for tomorrow. Take all the resources and time you need to find the ideal match for each position.

Keep on doing what is working

Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Expansion occurs as you meet a need. If your startup expands, it means that people need it and like what you’re doing. Changing your approach now might be changing what makes you a success at the moment.

Cease doing what doesn’t work, immediately 

Continue to trim the fat once you’ve established what’s going on. Identify all business expenditures that do not yield results, and re-allocate these resources to what works, or to another project.


This article gave you a detailed information on strategies for startups – which you can practise and see the results. We hope this article will help your startup to form a good strategy and sustain business growth.  

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