Creative techniques to gain customer insight

The face of marketing looks completely distinct from it even a couple of years ago, and mastering the recent developments has become an ongoing marketer fight. But many marketers are losing sight of what really matters in the battle to remain innovative: truly understanding their audience.

Assuming you understand the short-sightedness of what your clients believe. Like all beings, customers and clients’ needs, experiences, and expectations alter. The only way to offer an experience that delights them is to take the time to check in and discuss what is essential to them on a periodic basis.

Think about the last time you really felt heard. The individual was not just listening patiently as you spoke. She recognised what and why you said. It felt nice, right?

Marketers who go beyond and beyond making their clients feel heard in tune with the fundamental requirements and wishes of their clients. An efficient way to do this is through interviews with empathy. Although this method requires time, it will be worthwhile due to the links you forge and the ideas you obtain.

Here we list some creative techniques to gain customer insight efficiently.

Discover the value of empathy interviews

People rarely understand what they want, which results makes traditional Q&A interviews ineffective. In order to overcome this obstacle, empathy interviewing focuses on the mental and subconscious aspect of the behavior of an audience by exposing why they are behaving in such manner.

The concept is to get topics to talk from the core and talk about what really matters to them, rather than what fits into the agenda of the interviewer. The method imitates a periodic discussion that helps relieve tensions and promotes attendees to relax and begin storytelling.

Like a therapist, qualified interviewees of empathy can draw from the human experience what the topic really believes and feels. The information you extract will show you where your clients come from and how they are experiencing the world.

With this insight, you can recognise present and future requirements that your clients have not known existed and suggest creative alternatives to meet their objectives.

Observe users in their natural environment

Seeing your clients in a natural environment is an authentic strategy that exposes not only the products they are using, but also their emotions and usefulness for those products. Researchers can then see how consumers communicate with the products and for why they are using them. Collecting this data can be a clue you have not regarded for your products. Knowing where the product is stored and kept can also encourage possibilities for neighbouring product improvement.

Watch how customers buy your product

Paying close attention to how customers’ approach, consider, and decide to buy will help you understand their frame of mind. But remember: people don’t always know why they’re doing certain things, so you can’t interview them about it. Whether for online stores or brick-and-mortar stores, their activities need to be observed.

Do they just buy in physical places, or do they ask questions first? Are they looking for extra product data, comparing rates online, or are they looking for a shop representative to help with the purchase? Identifying trends can assist you better equip your salesmen to overcome these points.

If your products are online, advanced instruments are now available to demonstrate you precisely where clients are clicking, how long they remain on a page, and what areas of the page they are most interested in. Google In-Page Analytics, KISSmetrics, and ClickTale are just three instruments for monitoring internet customer behaviour.

Following the route of clients can offer you insight into their procedures of thinking. It will let you understand what is essential to you and how confident you are about your product.

Attend an event or trade show

This is especially useful to understand clients of B2B. Observing their positioning and interacting with their customers will reveal their perception of themselves and their direction for the future.

When you look inside your booths, make sure you notice what the experience is like. What kind of presence do they project through their booths or sponsorships? How do staff communicate and tell the tale of the business with their clients?

Gauge the competition

Interviewing the clients of your rivals gives your target consumer or business an internal viewpoint. Knowing the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your rivals is invaluable to distinguish yourself in the market.

You can compare it to the placement of other businesses within the sector once you get an idea of their positioning. Understanding how much time and money they invest in innovation, new product development, and management thinking will assist you define where they are going.

While it’s essential to use these methods to extract data, it’s all about tales at the end of the day to understand your target audience; they represent and shape how individuals perceive the world. You can better communicate with your clients by knowing those private stories and unite them with the mission of your company.


We’ve given you detailed overview how to gain customer insight and how you can use it to your advantage. JD Business Consulting Group endeavours to give you tips and tricks to overcome challenges that you face every day.  

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